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g-area special mei

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g-area special mei

       最近有些日子没和大家见面了,今天我想和大家聊一聊“g-area special mei”的话题。如果你对这个话题还比较陌生,那么这篇文章就是为你而写的,让我们一起来了解一下吧。

1.急……求blueberry 的英文介绍

g-area special mei

急……求blueberry 的英文介绍


       Latin name: Semen Trigonellae

       English name: Blueberry

       Division belong to classification: Azalea division (Ericaceae) cowberry is belonged to (Vaccinium Spp. Azalea division (Ericaceae) cowberry is belonged to (Vaccinium Spp..

       Producing area distributings

       The cowberry that the whole world distributings belongs to a plant to be able to amount to more than kinds 400. La Mei's name originates English Blueberry, meaning the meaning of the bacca that is blue. Be produced formerly and advocate originate in the United States to be called again American La Mei.

       Configuration feature

       Blue berry fructification weighs 0.5 ~ 2.5g on average, the biggest heavy 5g, beauty of fructification colour and lustre, pleasing to the eye, blue and by pink of fruit of a white, pulp is exquisite, seminal minimum, can feed rate for 100% , sweet acid is dainty, and have the sweet smell with sweet delightful bright, feed beautiful to taste for delicacy.

       Nutrient composition

       Outside the besides convention candy in blue berry fructification, acid and Vc, contain a lot ofthe mine such as fiber of glucoside of VE, VA, VB, SOD, ursine Guo Gan, protein, cyanine, edible and rich K, Fe, Zn, Ca qualitative element. According to the La Mei to 14 variety that introduce from

       the United States fructification analysis determines, content of pigment of glucoside of the cyanine in fresh fruit of blue berry of every 100 grams is as high as 163mg, protein 400-700 milligram, adipose 500-600 milligram, carbohydrate 12.3-15.3 milligram, vitamin A is as high as unit of international of microgramme of E 2.7-9.5 of 81-100 international unit, vitamin, SOD5.39, vitamin prep above is other fruit. Microelement is very tall also, every overcome microgramme of 220-920 of the calcium in Xian Guo, phosphorous 98-274 microgramme, magnesian 114-249 microgramme, zincic 2.1-4.3 microgramme, iron 7.6-30.0 microgramme, germanium 0.8-1.2 microgramme, cupreous 2.0-3.2 microgramme.

       Because substantial nutrient part is contained in blue berry fructification, the fruit of nutrient health care that belongs to tall amino acid, Gao Xin, tall calcium, Gao Tie, Gao Tong, tall vitamin. It has effect of favorable nutrient health care not only, still have prevent blood-vessel of the cranial nerve ageing, strong heart, bate that fight cancer, enhance man-machine body immunity to wait for a function.

       Grow characteristics

       Of La Mei help advance somebody's career sort has 3 kinds big, namely berry of Gao Congla berry, short Cong La and hare eye blue berry. Among them Gao Congla berry divides the Gaocong that it is north again La Mei, Na Gaocong La Mei and blue berry of half fast crowd 3 kinds. Short clump blue berry and blue berry of half fast crowd are in area of temperate zone chill to cultivate aptly, la Mei of boreal fast crowd and blue berry of a few half fast crowd are cultivated in area of warm temperate zone aptly, hare eye blue berry and Na Gaocong blue berry are in semi-tropical area to cultivate aptly.

       Sanitarian action

       La Mei can defer memory decline and the happening that prevent heart disease, because this is regarded as super fruit by people. Press of American daily health, the closest research adds the United States again for super fruit again praise, eat La Mei more or drink conduce of blue berry juice to prevent the happening of colonic cancer.

       Consider to discover, because one kind is contained to call red sandalwood the natural compound of Qi in La Mei and other fruit,La Mei can have this kind of effect is, this conduces to prevent cancer early days to be caused to the body damage. Red sandalwood Qi is He Kangyan of a kind of antioxidant agent, exist in La Mei and blackberry.

       American Ohio university discovers, the odds that eats the animal of coarse berry bacca to produce colonic cancer was reduced 80% , the odds that has enteron tumor was reduced 60% ; Discovery of German investigation personnel is drunk everyday 2, 3 cups of cider also can prevent colonic cancer. But people should not depend on a kind of any food to prevent colonic cancer, must balance prandial, many sided complement contains a lot ofthe fruit of antioxidant and vegetable.

       Breed is bred

       La Mei is bush, every clump is due result branch 25-30, blossom and bear fruit the 2nd year, but crop is lesser, have proper yield the 3rd year, enter high yield period the 5th year, its life 50 years, 3-6 of output of average sheet plant kilogram, average sheet weighs 2 grams if really, general 300 individual plant control every mus of field planting, average yield 1500-2000 kilogram.

       Blue berry adaptability is strong, be fond of acidity soil, value of PH of general requirement soil is 4.5-5.5; Edaphic Ying Song is soft, organic qualitative content is 8%-12% commonly, happy event is wet, sex of fight a drought is poor. Its advocate grow breed to have Gao Congla berry, individual plant is 2 meters or so expensive, can resist - 25- - the low temperature of 30 ℃ , general every mus are worth 330 individual plant surely; Half Gao Congla berry, rice of individual plant tall 1.0-1.2, can resist - 35- - the low temperature of 38 ℃ , general every mus of field planting 330 individual plant; Berry of short Cong La, individual plant is 0.5 meters expensive, can resist - the low temperature of 40 ℃ above, general every mus of 500-800 individual plant that is worth surely, agree with frigid zone helps advance somebody's career. Technology of blue berry grow seedlings can use root Nie breed, root progenitive, cuttage breed and constituent education are progenitive.

       Cause blue berry disease have fungus disease, bacterium venereal kill and wireworm. Our country helps advance somebody's career for new introduce a fine variety area, the happening of plant diseases and insect pests is less.

       Blue berry fructification is berry model, be able to bear or endure lay aside sex is stronger, indoors below condition of L8-26 ℃ normal temperature, use Xiaobao to install (snack box) Xian Guo can save 2 weeks not to change original local color, if microtherm saves his to last period meeting is longer, the deposit that enrage tone can amount to 3 months left and right sides.

       Commercial foreground

       To 20 centuries 80 time end, american La Mei helps

       advance somebody's career the area is close already 200 thousand hectare, formed collect blue berry to help advance somebody's career, fructification stores up treatment and market sell the property of giant La Mei at an organic whole. Blue berry production of the United States supplies homeland not only, and export goes to Taiwan of Canada, Japan, China and Europe to wait for a country. Blue berry delicacy is if really on the international market price is high, price of every 500 grams is 10 dollars left and right sides, xian Guo buys the price to be dollar of 4-5 of every 500 grams in great quantities. Current, the whole world has nearly 20 countries and area to begin blue berry industrialization to help advance somebody's career, market size is large, be in demand exceeds supply condition.

       The blue berry assortment of our country basically originates the United States and Japan, the variety that already introduced each district of north and south of appropriate our country to cultivate now 100 many, suit to be in the whole nation helps advance somebody's career below each climate condition. Among them berry of short Cong La is comfortable at be in our country northeast area is cultivated, north Gao Congla berry and half Gao Congla berry is in our country aptly northeast with south with the Yangtse River with ground of Beijing University part. Of our country blue berry grow area capacious, the application that adds protective ground to help advance somebody's career was offerred to build anniversary production of La Mei to supply assure. Because earth of an ancient name for China is ascended at the beginning of La Mei, the whole nation cultivates an area to be not worth 10 thousand mus. Can forecast: Help advance somebody's career blue berry of 1 mu of ground, crop presses 1500 kilograms of computation, market minimum price (Xian Guo) it is every kilograms 20 yuan, every mus but income 30 thousand yuan, its economic benefits is very remarkable, be the masses breed such as apple, peach 20 multiple. Cultivate La Mei to be sure to become our country a kind burgeoning become rich quickly industry.


       Sue Gray has worked the past 19 years serving the commercial and home garden sectors of Tulsa County. She has also worked as a technician in fruit, vegetable and pecan research and as a horticulturist for the Maryland Cooperative Extension Service. Sue has a BS in horticulture from OSU and a MS in horticulture from the University of Maryland.

       Blueberries are an excellent choice for fresh market fruit production in Northeast Oklahoma and Arkansas. They are in high demand by consumers, are not as perishable as other berries and have few insect or disease problems. They are the only fruit that can be grown organically with a reasonable profit.

       Arkansas currently has 450 acres in blueberry production, 80% is sold as fresh market fruit and 85% of the crop is hand harvested. It represents less than 1% of US production. The leading blueberry growing areas are Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina/Georgia and the Pacific Northwest.

       Success in growing blueberries relies on understanding the nature of the plant. It is a member of the Ericaceae or Heath family. Other members of this plant family are azaleas, rhododendrons, and cranberries. These plants all share the following cultural requirements with no room for "bending the rules": They must have an acid soil that is well-drained, but contains high levels of organic matter. They must be heavily mulched to insulate the fine, fibrous roots from temperature fluctuations and to conserve moisture. Drip irrigation is essential.

       Southern Highbush

       Vaccinium corymbosum

       There are many species of blueberries in the U.S., as they are native to North America. The three most commonly grown species for this area are: Northern Highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum), Southern Highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum x V. spp.) and Rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei).

       While all three types will grow in both Arkansas and Oklahoma, the Northern Highbush is best adapted north of Interstate 40, the Southern Highbush will grow in all parts of both states and the Rabbiteye will grow best in the southern areas of these states. All three types grow well at the University of Arkansas Fruit Research Station in Clarksville.

       Commercial blueberry plantings need not be large. A one acre planting contains up to 1,000 plants and can support hundreds of customers. A five acre planting would be considered very large for fresh market sales. One person, with a bit of help at harvest time, can manage a one acre planting as a part time endeavor. Larger plantings will require more labor, time and the hiring of extra help or family members.

       Marketing of fresh blueberries can be done by way of roadside stands, pick-your-own sales or at farmers markets. Expect to begin selling blueberries the third summer after planting.

       Yields will be between 400 and 800 pounds per acre the third year, increasing to several thousand pounds per acre as production increases each year.

       A site for blueberries should be selected based on soil type and drainage. It should also be in full sun. An ideal soil should be a sandy loam that is well-drained. Heavier soils will require raised beds or rows and the addition of much more organic matter.

       Planting blueberries should never be done without careful soil preparation and planning. Good growers know that they must spend a season getting their land ready before planting. This means controlling perennial weeds, such as Bermuda grass, Johnsongrass and other competitors. Soil must be tested and adjusted to a pH of between 4.4 and 5.0. Soil testing will also indicate the needed Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium levels required for blueberries. Organic matter levels must also be high. Blueberries grow best in soils that are a minimum of 3% organic matter. This extra test can be requested from University soil testing laboratories. Many farmers plant green manure crops leading up to planting blueberries to control weeds and add increase soil organic matter levels.

       Very finely ground sulfur is used to acidify soil for blueberries. This should be added according to soil test recommendations at least six months before planting. It takes time for the soil matrix to chemically react with the sulfur and effectively change the pH to acid conditions.

       Blueberries growing in soils with a less acid pH (above 5.5) will show signs of iron chlorosis..foliage will be yellow with green veins. The iron is chemically bound to soil particles when pH is too high, making it unavailable to the plant.

       Blueberries are normally fertilized with ammonium sulfate {(21-0-0) + 18% sulfur}. It is added to soil each growing season in split applications to maintain growth. Organic growers use fish waste, compost and other organic materials to stimulate growth. Foliar sprays of fish emulsion plus liquid seaweed have been effective fertilizers on organic plantings.

       Quality irrigation water is essential for blueberries. Have water tested for "irrigation use" by your state university soil and water testing lab. Blueberries are highly sensitive to elevated levels of chlorides, sodium and boron. Well water that contains high levels of any of these elements is not suitable for watering blueberries. Some growers use pond water, but it must have a dual filter system to keep particulate matter out of drip irrigation emitters.

       Water pH is also important. Water with a pH above 7.0 may need a small acid injection pump to acidify the water being applied to blueberries.

       Planting blueberries can be done in fall or later winter. Most growers order two year old container-grown plants. The advantage is a large root mass that can get better established on new sites. Rooted cuttings, though cheaper, should not be planted directly. They should instead be grown in a small nursery area for a year, then transplanted to the field.

       Plant at least two cultivars of each type of blueberry. For example, if growing northern highbush blueberries, select two cultivars, such as `Bluecrop' or `Toro' to insure cross pollination, larger fruit set and a dependable crop. Honeybees, bumblebees and wild pollinators all serve to pollinate blueberry flowers.

       Set plants five feet apart in rows that are ten to twelve feet apart. Plant a low- maintenance, non-creeping grass, such a tall fescue, between rows.

       Set plants at the same level in which they grew in the nursery, working into the soil one gallon of pre-moistened peat moss per plant. Mulch with at least five to six inches of pine or hardwood mulch. Sawdust may be used, but should be mixed with the chips to prevent crusting. Repeat mulch applications yearly.

       Remove blueberry flowers the first two years they are growing. This puts all the plant's energy into getting established in the field. Failure to remove flowers will result in a pre- mature fruit crop, greatly shortening the life of the fruit planting.

       In the third year, plants will flower in early spring with a crop following in two to three months. Harvest is generally in early to mid-June in our area. Birds can remove up to one third of a blueberry crop. Growers and researchers have found that one-inch wide holographic bird-scare tape is very effective. Place tape in the planting BEFORE fruit is ripe. It's much harder to eliminate a bird problem once it begins.

       Pick berries into one pint containers when they are dark blue with a light grey, waxy bloom on fruit. Get them to a shady place as soon as possible. Blueberries will stay fresh up to two weeks at 34 degrees F. and high humidity. Most small growers either sell their crop in the field to customers or hold a small amount for market sales. They have found that moving the pint containers to an air conditioned area with a fan nearby to move the field heat out of fruit will help keep them fresh for a few days.

       County Extension educators can assist growers with any disease insect problems that might arise. Such problems are not common in this area. Weeds are another matter. Make sure weeds are controlled correctly right from the beginning. Both Oklahoma and Arkansas have resource materials available on herbicides labeled for use in blueberries.



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